25th VI. 2006.
In Hungary it's not too easy to get a book about musicals. In this case I have good news: a musical book comes in this December, including the 25 most popular musicals. Of course Jekyll& Hyde is in :) So hope that Santa Claus will be able to bring this new book (and infos about these musicals).

25th V. 2006.
I was so lucky that I could meet the composer of Jekyll&Hyde. I have to say thanks for this to Peter Williams, who did not hesitate to help me; Michael Staringer, who organised the interview and of course Frank Wildhorn, who answered all my questions. Details soon!

15th II. 2006.
Good news (from God, Teddy): Jekyll and Hyde again in Pest from September! And another information: there will be a tour with Jekyll through Austria, German and Switzerland, begins on 1st June 2007. For this tour there'll be a casting. Good luck!